Houses of Tapestry Cavaliers

About Us

The Houses of Tapestry Cavaliers strives to improve breed standards and produce a superior and quality cavalier. The "Manor House"of Tapestry Cavaliers was founded by Sandy Kusilek in picturesque River Falls, Wisconsin.  A former veterinary technician, Sandy fell in love with cavaliers in 1990 and began her breed line in 1992. Sandy is owner of Hilltop Kennels.

Sandy travels the globe to find new cavaliers to improve her breed-line. International Champion dogs from Norway, Germany, Czech Republic, Scotland, Ireland and England have become members of Tapestry Cavaliers. This infusion of quality dogs improves the genetics and enhances the breed-line.

James Cupery, MD (retired) now devotes his time and energy to his beloved cavaliers. Jim actively shows and handles the dogs of Tapestry Cavaliers. Excellence in breed standards and our commitment to providing a quality pet is our constant goal. All his puppies are raised in his loving home, where they are nurtured and pampered.  Jim collaborates closely with Sandy and Carmen (Chandra Kennels) so every new litter will  enhance the house breed line.

Carmen Strunz, RN is the owner of Chandra Kennels in Baldwin, Wisconsin. Chandra Kennels is the third pillar of the Houses of Tapestry Cavaliers. Carmen's love for cavaliers grew with her first puppy in the mid-90's.

Every puppy is raised in a loving and nurturing home. Carmen, Sandy and Jim co-own and work together to promote  good animal stewardship with every pet placement.

(Below right) Suzanne Hitchcock with "Ginger Peach"  as a puppy.

(Below Left) Jim Cupery with                                                                                                              "Christopher"

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